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Tattoo care

50% of the quality of your new tattoo is up to you. Take care of it so that no correction is needed and everything has healed successfully.

Gift vouchers

Gift certificates from Homie Tattoo Studio are an unusual gift for any opportunity, for any budget and a bold step to something new.

Tommi Tats

She is a tattoo artist from Russia and have been tattooing for 4 years. She works in such styles as linework, dotwork, graphic arts. Her favorite objects for images in tattoos: fragments of comics and manga, flowers, animals.

Amir Husky

Already a proven, the world famous tattoo artist will come to our studio! By the way, Amir understands not only in bright colors, but also in the intricacies of sketching! Hurry to make an appointment with @amirhusky for a session🤘🏻

Looking for tattoo artist and piercer

We are looking for experienced tattoo artist and piercer for full-time.Send us your portfolio and Instagram profile at info@homietattoo.cz.We will invite you to a personal meeting where you will get to know the conditions of work.Required: Tattoo/piercer certificate and experience. Advantage: flexibility, communication, ability to work in a team, Czech language.

Jane Miller

International tattoo artist from Moscow.Most favorite subjects for tatts: anime, manga, comics, gaming and other geeky stuff.She loves to mix different tattoo’s style: pixel art, sketchy, watercolor and realistic with fat lines.Also Jane likes to do realistic arts and watercolor illustration with animals, architecture and flowers.


His name is Nikita. He is a professional tattoo artist from Ukraine. He have been drawing for all life. Nikita fell in love with tattoos when he was 16 and later got a degree in art. His styles are Japanese tattoo and black and gray realism. He loves creating large scale tattoos.


Her name is Anna. She is a professional tattoo artist from Ukraine. She have been drawing for all life. She has a degree in art. After she graduated from University, got fascinated by tattoos and now she create art on skin. She likes delicate floral tattoos that emphasize a certain body part. To put her […]


Universal tattoo artist with more than 10 years of experience. It is no problem for him to work in all styles. He has been at many famous tattoo conventions in countries like the Czech Republic, England, Italy. He prefers to work in his own original style according to individual design.

Silent Kirin

Kirin likes to create custom black and white images that can contain medieval, japanese or any other motifs. He does not stick to any particular direction, he can make funny or gloomy pictures. Kirin lives his craft and tries to constantly improve. He can develop and embody a picture in the traditional style, line art, […]

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