Tattoo studio Praha – FAQ

How can I make an appointment for a tattoo or piercing at Homie Tattoo studio?

You can agree on the date and time of the consultation, tattoo or piercing session through the application form on the website, via Facebook, Instagram (@homietattoostudio) or by email (info@homietattoo.cz). You can also make an appointment for a piercing via our online reservation system.

Will you create a sketch for me in compliance with my wishes?

Yes, we always create sketches taking into account all the wishes of the client. In view of our security we do not send sketches in advance for viewing, all corrections are carried out actually before the session.

Can I come for the consultation first?

In case of large and complex projects, cover up, consultation is necessary. In case we are talking about small works or piercings, you can come for the consultation, but not necessarily.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, to reserve a session you have to pay a deposit of 1000 CZK. If you cancel the appointment maximum 3 days before it, the deposit will be refund to you. In any other case the deposit will not be refunded.

Can I cancel the appointment?

If you want to cancel the appointment, advise us as soon as possible. If you paid a deposit and cancel the appointment maximum 3 days before it, the deposit will be refund to you. In any other case the deposit will not be refunded.

Is correction for a fee?

The first correction after healing is free.

Can I pay by card?

Not at the moment, cash only

Do you have inks suitable for vegans?

We use inks of high quality that are suitable for vegans.

Can I take a friend for support?

Support is important, so yes, you can take a friend, but only one … and he will not be able to go with you to the tattoo room, we will ask him to wait at the reception with coffee and treats.

Do you remake bad tattoo?

Yes, we make cover up. But the client should understand that when cover up is done, this is more labor-intensive work, the design should be more thoughtful than for “clean” skin.

I am not yet 18 and I want a tattoo or piercing. Is this is problem

No, in case there is parental consent. The consent is to be signed personally by one of the parents in our studio.

I am pregnant or breastfeeding. Can I get a tattoo or piercing?

Unfortunately, if a client is pregnant or nursing, she can not get tattoos or piercings. Tattoos during pregnancy and lactation can threaten the health of baby and mother. During tattooing, muscle contractions occur, premature contractions can occur and, in the worst case, spontaneous miscarriage! There is also a risk of an unexpected allergic reaction.

How to prepare for a tattoo session or a piercing?

Do not drink alcohol a day before a tattoo or piercing session. Have an early night. Have a good meal. Do not take any medicines a day before session, in case you take any pills constantly, consult a doctor on a tattoo. Ask any questions, there is no such a question that you can not ask us.

Do you remove the tattoo?

No, we do not remove tattoos.