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Types of piercings

1.Lobe piercings

-standard lob piercing, transverse lobe piercing

2.The helix piercing

-is a perforation of the upper part of the ear cartilage.

A labret is worn in a healing helix piercing.

Later, it can be replaced with a shorter piece.

Helix piercings look great with jewelry featuring several gems.

3.Forward helix piercings

-are placed on the small outer rim of the ear cartilage closer to the head.

People often go for several punctures at the same time to sport labrets of different sizes.

4.A conch piercing

-is a perforation of the inner part of the ear cartilage.

It is modest and not too eye-catching.

Labrets are often used in conch piercings.

5.A daith piercing

-passes through the central cartilage fold.

While the puncture is healing, it is advised to wear a small barbell, later you can switch to beautiful hoops.

6.The tragus piercing

-is a perforation of the tragus, which is located right in front of the ear canal.

Despite being very painful, this piercing type is quite common.

7.An industrial piercing

-is basically two holes in the upper part of the ear connected by one piece of jewelry, typically a barbell.

8.Rook piercing

The upper part of the ear on the ridge between the outer and inner sections of the ear.

9.Nostril piercings

-are quite popular.

It’s advised to wear a labret in the during the healing process.

Most often, fans of piercings sport rings or hoops in their nostrils.

10. Septum

This is a piercing of the middle of the nose.

It’s advised to wear a circular barbell in the septum during the healing process.

Later, you can go for hoops.


The horizontal variation is the most common one. Other options include diagonal, vertical or multi piercings featuring several pieces. The type of jewelry worn in nipples is usually a barbell.


This body modification is as common as earlobe or nostril piercings. It can go through the upper, side, or lower part of the belly button.

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