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Trend of piercing 2023

Industrial Piercings

Industrial piercings are also going to be adorning many an ear this year.
For a standout look go for a straight-across bar or opt for a dangly chain or decorative design for something more dainty.


Double-nostril piercing

One of the most popular piercings recently and will continue to trend in 2023.

If you do have strong feelings about what your “good side” is (ily, left side of my face) or already have a nostril piercing you love, try this stacked-nostril piercing idea. It’s a fun way to switch up your classic single hoop by adding a cute stud just above it or doubling up the bling with two studs.


Horizontal lobe piercing

Pairing this horizontal lobe piercing with two hoop earrings on either side gives this curated ear a little edge.
But it still feels minimal, thanks to a mix of thin, gold earrings.




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