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About piercing

In Homie Tattoo studio we carry out all types of piercings. Our piercers, professionals with medical education, will be happy to take care of you. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in classic types of piercing or something unusual such as microdermals, surface piercing or intime piercing, everything will go better than you can imagine in the hands of one of our piercers.


In Homie Tattoo studio we live up to all standards of hygiene and sterility. Safety for us is not just a word, but the basic principle of our work, so we use disposable needles for piercing, sterile instruments, sterile jewelry made of titanium, PTFE or gold.


If you have precautions such as diabetes, epilepsy, skin disease, jaundice, HIV, allergies, cancer, if you are pregnant, you have menstruation, or you take long-term medication, you must consult your doctor or even refuse piercing. You should not be in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication. We recommend to have a good meal before the procedure.


In Homie Tattoo studio piercing does not end with a nyxis, but with a completely successful healing. We recommend to come for control or to shorten (or replace) the decoration free of charge after completion of the healing period.

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