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Tattoo care

50% of the quality of your new tattoo is up to you. Take care of it so that no correction is needed and everything has healed successfully.

The first day after the tattoo, your temperature may rise, redness or swelling may occur. It’s just your body’s defensive reaction.


Healing with diaper


after 2-3 hours it is necessary to remove the diaper


gently rinse the tattoo with warm water and antibacterial soap


сarefully dry the tattoo with paper towels


apply a thin layer of cream for healing tattoos (Bepanthen Plus or other)


apply the diaper

This procedure should be repeated 3-4 times a day for 3 days.

Remember to give the tattoo a “breathe” for at least half an hour between treatments. These days, excess color will come from the skin. No panic, it’s normal!


Healing with film


leave the film for 3-4 days


with the film you can shower but not bathe


after 3-4 days, carefully remove the film


After 3 days you can skip the compress, but the tattoo mustn’t be dry, continue to apply the cream for another 7-14 days. Only a small layer of cream will be enough. Apply just enough to keep the tattoo hydrated. The tattoo must breathe.


Very often during healing a “crust” appears on a tattoo. It is forbidden to tear off, scratch, steam it out, i.e. in any ways to get rid of “crust”. In case of tearing it off the blank spaces, swortcuts or scars can appear on a tattoo.

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