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Tattoo aftercare

Right after the master finishes your tattoo, you will receive a bondage around your tattoo. Please, follow the next steps that are given below. Half of the tattoo beauty depends on how you will take care of it. 
You can have a fever, edema or redness the first day after the tattoo session. That`s a classic guard mechanism of your body. 
Follow the next instructions, how to care of your tattoo: 
1) In 2-3 hours remove a bandage. 
2) Wash your tattoo with the antibacterial soap and gently dry it. 
3) Apply a thin layer of the lotion (Bepanthen Plus, special lotion for tattoo care etc.) 
4) Wrap your tattoo with a new foil or pad. 
Repeat these steps within the next 4-5 days 3 times a day. 
After 4-5 days you can left the bandage, but still apply the lotion on your tattoo and wash it with the antibacterial soap for about 14 days. 
Don`t forget to let your tattoo „breathe“ for at least 30 minutes per day. 
During the healing process, the skin from the tattoo will fell off, spare color will separate and there will be scabs on your tattoo. Please, don`t hull the skin by your own! 
We recomend you to avoid solariums, saunas, pools, rivers and seas during the healing proces. 
We wish you a pleasant healing! 

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