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Mini tattoo is very simply and beautiful.

The technology of applying, preparing and caring for it is the same as for a tattoo of the usual size.

As a rule, the size of such a pattern is equal to the size of a coin, sometimes a little less or more.

Such tattoos are recommended for beginners. If you don’t have tattoos on your skin yet, but you really want to, then it’s better to start with a small sketch, and not with a thorough drawing of the entire back or shoulder.

The advantage of mini-tattoos is that they can be applied to almost any part of the body, and at the same time the drawing will not catch the eye.

In addition to traditional places, such as the shoulder, ankle, chest or back, you can make such a tattoo on the wrist, neck and even the face.

So small tattoos have their advantages. If desired, they can be easily hidden if your employer does not welcome drawings on the body.

In addition, such tattoos are relatively inexpensive.  Therefore, if you decide to get a tattoo, but do not want a large-scale work right away, you can start with a miniature tattoo. But remember: do not look for ready-made sketches for your future tattoo, do not choose the easy way.

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