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Tattoo in summer: How to take care of it?

Tattoos, whether fresh or already healed, require special care in the summer to avoid damage.

5 tips to care for your tattoo in summer:

1.Prepare ahead!

Even though many will tell you that you don’t need to prepare for a tattoo, this is not quite the case in summer. At least one month before the actual tattoo, do not sunbathe or choose a location where you do not expose your skin to the sun too often. If you go for a tattoo at the beginning of summer, then do not expose the place to the sun at all in the summer. The way the body accepts colors is also influenced by the consumption of alcohol or narcotic substances.

2.Avoid water!

If you have a fresh tattoo, avoid bathing for about three weeks. As we mentioned above, avoid swimming pools, natural swimming pools, but also the sea. The exact time is individual and depends on the healing process, but in general, you can only bathe when the scabs come off the tattoo.

3.Don’t tan!

Also protect your tattoo from direct sunlight. For five full weeks after the tattoo, do not expose the image to the sun and keep it covered with clothing or a scarf. For the next two months, cover the tattoo with sunscreen with a factor of at least SPF 50.

4.Watch out for sweat!

In the summer, you sweat a lot more than ever, and you’re also moving around in a dustier environment. Sweat is irritating to any wound, including tattoos, and dust contains a large amount of impurities. Therefore, keep the tattoo clean and dry. You can wash it under the shower and use antibacterial soap daily. But wash it carefully, dry the tattoo with a clean towel without pressing or scrubbing and don’t forget to lubricate it.


For the first 14 days to 3 weeks, it is important to lubricate the tattooed area with healing ointment at least once a day. You can choose from special ointments that you can buy in a tattoo studio, or you can also use ointments and creams containing panthenol.


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