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Gift vouchers

Gift certificates from Homie Tattoo Studio are an unusual gift for any opportunity, for any budget and a bold step to something new.

  • Gift vouchers from Homie Tattoo Studio are valid for 3 months from the date of issue.
  • Gift certificates cannot be converted back into money.
  • The minimum value of the voucher is 2000 CZK for tattoos and 1000 CZK for piercings.
  • If you lose a gift voucher from Homie Tattoo Studio, we cannot issue a replacement. Each voucher is unique.




Owner of a gift voucher from Homie Tattoo Studio gets:


  1. free consultation with tattoo artist Homie Tattoo Studio
  2. individual design according to your own ideas and in agreement with the tattoo artist
  3. tattoo
  4. recommendations for healing tattoo
  5. other little things like stickers, tea or coffee


You can buy the voucher directly in the Homie Tattoo Studio at V Jirchářích 1285/12, Prague 1. Or order the voucher online via the contact form.

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