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Why It Is Better to Get Pierced with a Needle Rather Than a Gun?

Piercing has become an increasingly popular form of self-expression and personal style. When deciding how to get pierced, it is important to consider various methods and their impacts on health and safety. One of the most frequently discussed questions is whether it is better to perform piercing with a needle or a gun. In this article, we will look at the reasons why the needle method is generally considered better and safer.

Precision and Control

Piercing with a needle provides the piercer with greater control over the entire process. A needle is sharper and more precise, allowing for a clean and accurate puncture. A piercing gun operates on the principle of mechanical force, which can be less precise and lead to uneven punctures. This difference is especially important when piercing sensitive and complex areas, such as ear cartilage or the nose.

Less Tissue Trauma

Using a needle causes less tissue damage than a piercing gun. The needle is hollow and sharp, allowing for a clean cut without crushing the tissue. Conversely, the gun works on the principle of pressure, which pierces the tissue and can cause more trauma and pain. This mechanical damage can lead to longer healing times and a higher risk of complications, such as infections or keloids.

Sterility and Hygiene

Piercing with a needle is performed using sterile single-use needles, which are discarded after each use. This procedure minimizes the risk of infection transmission. On the other hand, guns are not always sterilized between uses and some parts can be difficult to clean. This increases the risk of contamination and bacterial transmission, which can lead to infections and other health issues.

Flexibility and Comfort

Piercing with a needle is also often perceived as less painful and uncomfortable. The needle passes through the skin more smoothly and quickly, which can reduce the sensation of pain. Additionally, when using a needle, the piercer can use various techniques and angles to minimize discomfort and optimize the placement of the jewelry.

Professional Approach

Piercing with a needle requires more professional knowledge and experience. A piercer who uses needles must undergo thorough training and certification, which ensures a higher level of professionalism and safety. In contrast, a piercing gun can often be used by individuals with little or no training, increasing the risk of improper execution and complications.

Piercing with a needle offers several significant advantages over using a piercing gun. Precision, less tissue trauma, better sterility and hygiene, greater comfort, and professionalism are key factors that make this method safer and more effective. If you are considering getting a new piercing, we recommend seeking an experienced and qualified piercer who uses a needle. Your health and safety should always come first.

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